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Step into the magical world
of Lagomago!

Where endless fun awaits our young adventurers.

Lagomago, Alice, and our animation team are on a mission to make sure your stay is a non-stop adventure, full of surprises that will fill your days with joy and laughter.

Lagomago World

Lagomago World

Hey! Let me introduce myself: I'm Lagomago, and I'm a very special magician!

With my little sister Alice by my side, I spend the summer at Camping Village Lago Maggiore, a magical wonderland that I created just for us kids to play and have a blast!

Ever wondered why a magician is hanging out by Lake Maggiore? Well, I can’t wait to tell you my thrilling tales of adventure, get ready for an epic journey full of fun and magic!


Have fun coloring
and experience the magical adventures of LagoMago

Unleash your creativity! Download and print your favourite drawing, then let the fun begin!
Lagomago da colorare
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